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Lazy, Entitled, Narcissists: How To Pay Off Six-Figure Student Loan Debt by Beating the System and Acting Like the 1%

Few self-help debt books exist for readers in six-figure student loan debt. Most literature on the subject offers cost-cutting advice that is simply not applicable to anyone with massive student loans. How can getting rid of cable or forgoing your daily cappuccino touch this level of debt?

It can’t.

Stephanie Bousley recounts her journey from the depths of six-figure debt to the freedom of being nearly debt-free, while offering radical advice for readers who want to slash their debt. Chapters chronicle how she moved rapidly up the ranks at a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, gaining entry into a lucrative world that re-shaped her views on personal budgeting and financial freedom. The book offers out-of-the-box strategies to reduce student loan debt quickly; such as moving abroad to legally save thousands on income tax, finding temporary work in more lucrative industries, and taking an honest look at the patterns and thought processes that keep one broke. This is a book by a Millennial for Millennials, their parents, and the infrastructure that supports them, co-signers, family, financial aid advisors, student loan organizations and counselors.